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Kayaking Amelia Island
And Other Inland Waters
Egan’s Creek is located on the north end of Amelia Island.  

Egan’s Creek is located on the north end of Amelia Island. This 2-hour guided kayak tour centers on the creek and the marshes between Atlantic Avenue and the Amelia River, known as an estuary. Think of an estuary as simply an enormous nursery where numerous fish, shellfish, and other wildlife flourish. Into this estuary are inflows of sea water and fresh water, which provide high levels of nutrients for all resident flora and fauna. Multitudes of crabs, mussels, fish, snails and more draw large numbers of birds to their very own feast. There are opportunities to see herons, roseate spoon bills, egrets, and cormorants. This environment also gives paddlers great views of marsh grasslands and an ever-changing skyline that are hard to beat.
Add a view of the Amelia Island Lighthouse and the tree line of Fort Clinch State Park, and you have a recipe for an awesome paddle!
Inquire about reserving our Hobie Mirage ® kayaks for this tour!

Cost for this tour is $55 per single kayak / $100 per tandem.

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