Suwannee River

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The Suwannee River originates deep inside the Okefenokee Swamp, and it drains approximately 90% of the swamp into the Gulf of Mexico.

It may be the only major river in the Southeast that is still unspoiled. One reason that makes this river so special is the number of natural springs that flow into it. Another is the lack of development along its length. At least 60 springs, 3 rivers, and numerous creeks flow into the Suwannee along its lazy trip to the Gulf of Mexico. While traveling on this river, one can see fabulous limestone cliffs known for their honeycomb appearance, caused by years of continuous flowing water.

Egan’s Creek
Egan’s Creek
Egan’s Creek
Egan’s Creek

Our Suwannee River tours are for the adventurous, but oh my, are they ever worth it!

We offer a day trip which consists of a 5- to 6-hour paddle, with a 4-hour round trip travel time from Amelia Island. Guests may also arrange to meet our guides at a predetermined location.

On this day trip, we stop for lunch on the banks of the Big Shoals area of the Suwannee. Big Shoals is the largest white-water rapids in Florida, and it’s there where we must portage our kayaks for a short distance before re-entering the river. We also offer overnight camping trips, where we use screened enclosures and bath facilities. Also, there are cottages available for those who like a real bed.

Our guides are happy to assist you in customizing your trip for an excellent time on the river. The nostalgic Suwannee River is a true wilderness experience that offers opportunities to see wildlife, ancient limestone walls, and majestic cypress trees. It’s where time stands still.

Cost for day trip starts at $195 per person*.
1-night/2-day trip starts at $295 per person*.
2-night/3-day trip starts at $395 per person*.

*All trips require a minimum of four people.

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