St. Marys River

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Project Description

The St. Marys River is located in Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida

It’s 130 mile length forms the eastern boundary between the two states, and flows east through the Cumberland Sound and into the Atlantic Ocean. Like the Suwannee River, the St. Marys River originates in the Okefenokee Swamp. Kayaking on this river, which provides an excellent habitat for wildlife and birds, is a true and beautiful wilderness experience.
We are excited to offer a paddle on the scenic St. Marys River! Our guided tour is a great 4-5 hour paddle, with a 1 1/2 hour round trip travel time from Amelia Island, Florida; or guests may meet our guide at a prearranged location. Paddle alongside dense forests that line both sides of this peaceful river. Along the way, guests have the opportunity to stop for lunch and swim.
Egan’s Creek
Egan’s Creek
Egan’s Creek

Inquire about reserving our Hobie Mirage ® kayaks for this tour.

Cost for this tour is $150 per person for 3 or more people.
Please call 904.557.5307 for reservations.
Additional cost for lunch if needed. Transportation fees may apply.

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