Kayak Therapy

It has been said that being near water is therapeutic. I can attest that it is both refreshing and relaxing. Now, add paddling on the water in a kayak, and you have a recipe for a great way to regain focus, reduce stress, and get great exercise all at the same time!

Recently I guided a young couple on one of our two-hour creek tours. We chatted for a few minutes, but for most of the time, we paddled in silence. The rhythmic motion of the paddles, combined with the scenery along the creek, was exactly what my guests were hoping for.

So here’s a tip: Consider kayaking for one of the best ways to get “off the beaten path”, where one can find refreshment, relaxation, and exercise all rolled up in one package! It’s a great choice of recreation for all ages – it’s therapy !

Those who think they can only be happy when the sun is shining have never kayaked in the rain !
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