Lofton Creek

The water on Lofton Creek is often referred to as black water, tea, or coffee – as are most fresh water creeks and rivers located in South Georgia and Florida. Blackwater occurs when tannic acid from decaying plants is released into the water. The result is water with a “mirrored” appearance, which reflects the scenery, and enhances the already-natural beauty of the streams.

Lofton Creek is quickly becoming one of our most popular tours. Just minutes from Amelia Island, this tour is an easy and relaxing 2-hour paddle. A guided tour on this tidal creek offers opportunities to see wildlife, majestic cypress trees, flowers, and more. It’s an excellent choice for anyone, but especially those who may not have a lot of time.

Cost for this tour is $55 per single kayak / $100 per tandem.
Please call 904-557-5307 for reservations.

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