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Amelia Island Kayak ExcursionsFamily on Lofton Creek

Are you visiting Amelia Island with your family or business and looking for something exciting and unique to do? Why not take a kayak tour with Amelia Island Kayak Excursions? Hobie Mirage Kayak on Egan's Creek

This local family owned and operated business on Amelia Island is open year round and has been providing guests with memorable experiences on the various tours they offer. Choose from paddles on Florida’s black water, in salt marsh estuaries, on the Amelia River for their early bird or sunset tours, through the Okefenokee Swamp, or on the St. Marys and Suwannee Rivers . By calling 904.557.5307, they are happy to answer any questions you may have in planning and reserving yo
ur tour.  Also, for over two years consecutively, their guests have rated them #1 in five categories on TripAdvisor!  I guess it’s easy to see that their visitors love them.

Mark, the owner, has many years of experience in the outdoors, and has logged over 3,000 kayaking miles including day and overnight trips. Together with his daughter, Amber, who is a guide and photographer , and his son, Aaron, Mark’s right-hand man and guide,  they make a wonderful team whose goal is to help guests have a fun and informative experience exploring the natural settings of their area.  They have a vast knowledge of the local waterways, flora, and fauna, and are happy to share their knowledge with you on your eco-tour. Amelia River at Sunset

Here is an interesting tidbit for your inquiring mind.  Mark not only is a skilled kayaker and guide, but also a guitarist and singer/songwriter. He has written and recorded an album, Dream Come True, which serves to provide the background music for all the videos on their website, www.ameliaislandkayak.com.

So, while on your visit, step “off the beaten path”, and travel the waterways with Amelia Island Kayak Excursions.  Each tour is led by a professional and skilled guide, and, as a gift from their family to yours, they create a digital photo album, which is posted on their business’ Facebook page the evening of your tour at www.facebook.com/ameliaislandkayakexcursions.

During your time on Amelia Island, be sure to check out Amelia Island Kayak Excursions, where kayaking fun begins!

Give The Gift Of Kayaking!

Gift Certificates are available by calling 904.557.5307.
Exploring scenic waterways via kayak makes for a great outing or a gift
for family and friends!

Gift in the Dunes

A Wonderful Life

Amelia Island Kayak Excursions

What can be better than a vocation of doing what you love? It’s what many only dream about. I have been an adventurer at heart all of my life. I have had several vocations in which I’ve done well, but I am now living my dream.

Most of my life has been spent in the great outdoors. My “university” has been time spent studying animals, birds, trees, etc. It is like I have finally graduated, got my degree, and landed a great “job”! Continuing education makes life exciting, too, and when guests ask me what I did before starting our kayaking business, I reply that I have been “practicing for 58 years” for such a time as this. It sounds like a joke, but I am completely serious.
I think that one of my greatest joys is meeting people from different places and all walks of life. I love to learn as much as they are willing to share about what they do, and about what is important to them. I can truthfully say that I now have friends from all over the United States and from many parts of the world.
2014 has been quite an exciting year for us at Amelia Island Kayak Excursions. It is hard to believe that our business is now in its second year! In this New Year, we are looking forward to many more adventures on the water, and especially in making new friends along the way.
We invite you to read more about us on TripAdvisor at http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g34218-d4461192-Reviews-Amelia_Island_Kayak_Excursions-Fernandina_Beach_Amelia_Island_Florida.html, for current reviews and ranking, on www.facebook.com/ameliaislandkayakexcursions, for photos of our guests on our paddles, and of course here at www.ameliaislandkayak.com.
We sincerely want our family to meet your family, and we would be delighted to be a part of your visit to our area. We hope to have the opportunity to help make special memories of a wonderful life for you.

Amelia Island Kayak Excursions – where kayaking fun begins.

My Kayaking Journey

Sun SetWith 2013 behind us, and 2014 already upon us, I find myself reminiscing about experiences on my “kayaking journey” through life. I usually think of myself as being quite adventurous, but I still have the tendency to be a creature of habit, as well. This happens to me when I find a very beautiful and fun place to paddle. I love to experience such a place over and over again! With that being said, I would like to share some of my “journey” with you.
Are you familiar with the Flint River? The area of this river where we paddled ran through part of the Pine Mountains in central Georgia. Smooth rocks, both large and small, can be found for miles along this area of the Flint. In places, as the river flows over those rocks, it forms fast-moving water called “shoals”, which is very fun to paddle! It was here that we would paddle and camp.
One particular fall evening remains very clear to me. The sun was setting behind us with the full moon rising. Rocks stretching across the river formed a shallow dam, and perched on this dam was a flock of Canada geese. Just as the last light of the day was fading, the geese lifted off in unison and flew directly over us! The combination of the setting sun, the rising moon, the chilly air and water, and honking geese was quite exciting. It is all etched in my memory just like a picture painted on canvas. I wondered how I could ever love a place more than this one. Well, it happened!
A few years later, I moved to Florida. Even though I continued to travel to the Flint River, I found myself “falling in love” with the nostalgic Suwannee River. This river flows out of the Okefenokee Swamp, through North Central Florida, and into the Gulf of Mexico. As I paddled on my first Suwannee River trip, I felt like I was betraying my old friend, the Flint. It was beautiful. If you haven’t been there, imagine moss-draped cypress and oaks, grand limestone cliffs, and white sand bars. Add to this picture several large first and second magnitude springs daily gushing millions of turquoise-colored water into this river.
As the sun was setting over the river, I was standing on a bluff looking at the river through an opening in the trees. I was at Peacock Springs, which sets high on a hill overlooking the river, and another picture was being painted in my mind. By now, I had been enjoying the Suwannee for four years, and I knew that I could love more than one river!
Recently, while paddling with some local photographers on one of our Sunset Tours in the waters around Amelia Island, I had yet another special moment. We were paddling on the west side of Tiger Island. The sun was setting and the light was hitting the mossy live oak trees. This created a beautiful scene! I was looking out over the marsh, and remembered a similar evening a few years ago, and a few hundred miles away. But instead of honking geese, I saw great white egrets, herons, gulls, and osprey; not to mention dolphins swimming around us. It was another wonderful experience etched into my memory, and this time, I had some great photographers to help preserve the moment! (You can view some of these pictures at www.facebook.com/ameliaislandkayakexcursions in the album entitled “A Man Living His Dream”). All of these experiences – the Flint, the Suwannee, and the local coastal waters, show me that there is more to experience on my “kayaking journey”.

In closing, all of us at Amelia Island Kayak Excursions enjoy showing people how much fun kayaking can be. It is very special and rewarding for us to see our guests experience for the first time how peaceful and relaxing kayaking really is. We enjoy sharing our passion, and in this New Year, we encourage you to not miss the opportunity to pursue the things you really love, and make special memories of your own! I also want to take this opportunity to thank my Heavenly Father for making all of this great adventure possible for me.
Until later, happy paddling!

Kayaking News

Lofton Creek Paddlers

Having Fun on Lofton Creek

Here at Amelia Island Kayak Excursions, we continue to find new ways to have fun! Kayaking is proving to be a doable activity with our guests from 2 years old to 93 years young! Whether we are paddling with couples, families, or groups, we are having a blast sharing the first-time kayaking experience with so many! Seasoned kayakers have joined in on our fun, as well.
This recreational “adventure” that was just a hobby for me, has now become a wonderful and exciting business! There are two things that I dearly love – meeting people and kayaking. Now, I get to enjoy both!
With its cooler weather, the month of October turned out to be our busiest month so far. Now, we are into November, and our tours continue. There’s nothing more invigorating than being out on the water on a cool morning, and seeing the mist rise in the early morning sunlight. This makes getting up early worth the effort! No worries if you aren’t an “early bird”! Our late morning, afternoon, or sunset paddles are available for you.
An exciting addition to our excursions has been the Sunset Tour. We often see curious dolphins swimming nearby, and watch birds flying to their evening roosts. Now, add a beautiful sunset while paddling the Amelia River, and you have an unforgettable experience! I invite you to click on our website’s Facebook link, to see pictures of guests on our Sunset Tour, as well as the other tours we offer.
In closing, I want to thank everyone who has come and paddled with us. We truly appreciate you. And, for those of you who are thinking about kayaking, I encourage you to put us on your “to do” list. We would love to be a part of your visit to our area. Let’s go KAYAKING!

Amelia Island Kayak Excursions

We’ve just finished our first summer here at Amelia Island Kayak Excursions, and what a fantastic time we had!  Since we opened in June, we’ve hosted people from all over the United States and from many countries, as well.  Summer 2013 is gone, and now autumn is upon us.

Already there is a growing interest in kayaking because of the cooler weather in this season.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  Cooler temperatures are great, and combine that with kayaking makes it even greater.  Our average temperatures for October on Amelia Island are highs of 79 with lows of 63.8.  In November, we expect highs of 71.4 and lows of 53.9.

On today’s paddle, I saw the beginning of the fall bird migration.  The sight of one Monarch butterfly on its way to Mexico is exciting, but the large V-formations of ducks, geese, wading and shorebirds are quite thrilling. Birds are going south, animals are busy preparing for winter, but as for me, I’m thinking about my next kayak adventure.

The scenery is changing on the creeks and rivers in our area.  The holly’s green berries are changing to red, and there are new flowers that only appear in the fall.

Autumn in our area is an excellent time for kayaking.  But, don’t just take my word for it!  Make plans to get off the beaten path and experience the beauty of our changing seasons.  Let’s go KAYAKING!