Hobie Mirage Kayak on Egan's Creek

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Got Father’s Day Covered?

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2016 Certificate of Excellence Award

A big shout out to our wonderful guests for their reviews which have helped … [Read More...]

Outfitter’s Tips & Quips

Kayak Therapy

It has been said that being near water is therapeutic. I can attest that it is both refreshing and relaxing. Now, add … [Read More...]

Choosing Your Kayak

Since there are many factors involved in choosing the right kayak before your purchase, I will address some of the more … [Read More...]

Wildlife Viewing

An exciting part of a kayak trip is seeing wildlife. Typically, the best times to view wildlife are sunrise or sunset. Also, … [Read More...]

Paddling Tidal Waters

Tip: Some of our paddles are on waterways that are tidal influenced.  Many of our guests have little paddling experience; so … [Read More...]

How to Choose the Right Paddle for You and Your Kayak

Step 1: Measure the beam of your kayak, (the center of the cockpit at its widest point). If the width of your kayak is 25 … [Read More...]